Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Big Move

I have been wanting to transplant my ponytail palm for some time now.  The last time I did, I told J that it would be the last time.  But I have tired of the galvanized tub in which it resides. 
I have been on the search for a new pot but everything on line was $200 plus, and there was never anything suitable locally.  
That is until I went Christmas shopping at Ollies and found this beauty.  It was the only one, they had leftover Halloween stuff in it and there was no price.  The cashier called the manager and they agreed to sell it for $50.  SCORE!  It took 3 associates (all be it it scrawny girls) to help me load it up.  Then I needed a way to move it around because it would definably have to move for the Christmas tree.  I bought 5 caster wheels, cut a circle out of plywood and made it a dolly.
Then I decided I wasn't happy with the blue color.  Nothing in the room is blue and I didn't like the blue with the green plant.  I tested out different options and decided to decoupage it in tissue paper. 
Several layers later, I had a white pot.

I told J again, this would be the last time he had to carry it. 
Now to get it in the other pot. 
It made a bit of a mess. 
But I think it turned out fine. 

1 comment:

C said...

That is a massive upgrade. Looks great. Well worth the effort (poor J). Very smart to make a custom dolly for it ;)

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