Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Finally Done

Our last nanny finally kidded.  She had a nice set of twins.
Since we had that coyote issue a couple of weeks ago, we put this one and another one that kidded late in the barn lot with the one we saved from the coyotes.  Once these get a little bigger we will turn them all out with the other goats. 
On the coyote front, J found their den yesterday while he was spraying rosebushes.  He saw 4 pups.  
We now have our neighbor that hunts stalking them.  Hopefully, he will be successful.  I really hate feeding them.

  Kid Count -119 (depending on how many we have lost to the coyotes)


Shirley said...

Coyotes sure seem to be getting more numerous. I hear coyote fur coats are really nice!

C said...

I hope you neighbor is successful

C said...

I hope your neighbor is successful (I don't know why I continuously drop the "r" in your)

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