Monday, October 11, 2021

Couponing #62

There was a clearance event this weekend.  My store had a good selection plus, there were some coupon matchup making most stuff free.  
I did this one on Friday.  No 5 off 25 but I wasn't sure if the good stuff would be left by Saturday.  The manager actually had the Febreze small spaces behind the counter.  When she saw me she gave them to me and said they would be free.  I asked if she was sure she wanted to give them away.  She said I had helped them out plenty of times with deals so she was just repaying the favor.  It sometimes pays to be friendly.  
I had a bunch of paper coupons to use on Saturday.  The Snuggle wasn't on clearance but free with the paper coupons.  I was a little upset the Dawn and Suave hand soaps didn't attach, but I sucked it up and paid for it anyway.  
I also got 4 packs of Pepsi with this scenario.    When all was said and done, minus what I would have paid at the grocery store anyway for the Pepsi and icing, everything was FREE!!!  Plus, someone was shopping for care boxes while I was there.  I bought, or my coupons bought, 3 large hand soap refills that I gave to her.  She said she had already used her digital coupon and couldn't buy anymore.  

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C said...

More amazing deals. Happy to hear that you were able to help out the person making the care packages (sounds like they were in the know and making their own budget go further).

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