Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Last Monday

I meant to post about this last week but there were too many other things. So I have pushed it to this week. 
We worked our cows up the road Monday. 
 I was happy that Mike was able to help. 
At one point we had to take a break and put a gate back on the hinges. 
Everything went smoothly after that. 
We did the calves first so we wouldn’t have to deal with the cows crowding the headgate waiting for parent pickup. 

After we finished I went to open the gate to turn them all back out. I think Joe has gotten more paranoid. There was the regular gate chain, two wires and an extra heavy chain. He said the cattle were hard to get up and he did not want them getting out. 

Back out to pasture and ready to turn the bull out soon. Thanks for your good help Mike. 


C said...

Such good help. This made me laugh: "waiting for parent pickup"

Shirley said...

Good help and good gates- the way to go!

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