Friday, June 21, 2024

New Cow Pony?

 Joe wanted to move the cows today to the field across the creek.  It is sometimes one of the more difficult rotations, making sure all the calve come with the cows.  I would usually pick Otoelene to ride.  But today, I decided to give Hugo a try.  I have ridden him through the cows but never really asked him to do anything other than walk past.  

Joe was on the 4 wheeler. 

He went up to the gate we wanted the cows to go though as started calling them.  I rode through the woods and to the end of the bottom to push the stragglers.  Not really a high energy task, just steady walking.  
I went back to a different area and found a couple of strays.  When I got them near where Joe could help we were at a steep hill that heads toward the house.  Hugo decided that it would be a good time to take off running.   Sometimes it is better to run than to risk circling on a wet slick hill.  He has never bucked with me so I was pretty confident I could stay on and get him stopped.  And I did.  And he was fine after.   Occasionally, you just may want to run up a hill.
Anyway, we were successful in rounding up and moving the cows!
Looks like I put in about 4 mile of Hugo walking and not me.  Maybe I have a new cow pony. 


C said...

That running episode is a bit concerning. "Occasionally, you just may want to run up a hill." I'm glad all went well.

Shirley said...

I kinda agree with Hugo- it's definitely easier to use a lot of impulsion going up a wet slick hill than trying to walk up and having his feet slip out from under him. Maybe he was just using his equine spidey senses!

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