Sunday, June 2, 2024

Sadie And Vet Picture Warning

Sadie and Allie came over yesterday after we were finished working cattle.  After picking flowers and visiting with Virginia, Sadie stayed because she wanted to help feed the goats. 
Since it wasn’t quite time for that we played with Barbie’s upstairs. Looking for matching shoes ended up escalating to getting Nibbles and her stable out.  This was Sadie’s first thing seeing this toy. That kept her entertained for over an hour. She likes to look at the picture on the box of her toys and set it up the same.  I see more Barbie time in my future. 
We made it to the barn to feed the goats. 

Sadie wanted to pick one up and carry it back to the pen.  She told me to hurry up and open the gate before she dropped it.  She didn’t drop him and she got him in the pen. 

Then we fed the three outside kids.  
Now for the warning…vet cow eye picture ahead.

When working the cattle in the morning we had to treat a couple for pinkeye.
This is an infection that causes a corneal ulcer. There are lots of different treatments because no one thing is really the best. 
We usually end up just giving a shot of LA200 (long acting antibiotic)

This was her other eye. She had had pinkeye in it at some other time.  You can see the white spot on the cornea. That is a scar on the cornea from where the ulcer healed. 


Shirley said...

Sadie is the perfect grandchild. Just sayin'.
Will the cow be blind? With ulcers in both eyes?

C said...

Same question as Shirley.

What a wonderful helper Sadie is.
And I see much more Barbie time in Sadie's future

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