Saturday, May 9, 2020

Adventure Riding

There was a decent day last week where I was able to go for a ride around the farm.  I chose to ride on the trail I had cut through the pines and forest area at the front of the farm. 
 All went well until I ran into a down tree across the trail.  You really can't see it from this angle but it was blocking the trail completely with no way over or easily around.  I decided to try to cut around it by going down hill.
 Otoelene was a saint while I broke branches and cleared a path. 
 I think you can appreciate the steepness of the situation. 
We made it through the rest of the trail and down to the gravel road.  I think Otoelene was a little relieved to be back on level ground again.  We had a nice ride to the crossroads then back home. 

1 comment:

C said...

The steepness of that slope while covered in slippery leaves - yes - I imagine everyone was happy to be back on flatter trails.

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