Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Second And Third Groups Weaned

We weaned the first group from our rented farm last week.  No pictures and no problems.  J got them up on his own, I helped sort and we hauled them home in two loads. 
Saturday, we had some awesome help weaning the second group.  Baby S was still with us.  J had already gotten the cattle up and had sorted out a load to bring back to the house.  So all Baby S and I had to do was watch him load the trailer. 
I hope Baby S didn't hear too many bad words.  Sometime J gets a little put out with the cattle.  
But I think Baby S was more interested in the lichen growing on the fence than in J's outbursts.  Anyway, she only had to help with one load before Daddy M showed up to replace me.  
Then today was the big day.  Getting the cattle up and weaning the ones here at the house.  No pictures of the getting up process because it involved entirely too much running.  We started in the far hay field.  There was too much grass and they didn't want to leave.  Lots of running back and forth and up the hill and down before we finally convinced them to go through the gate.  Then through the hollow to the field behind the house.  There was too much grass and they didn't want to leave.  I finally had to take off my coat and start running around flapping it like a mad woman.  J might have them too tame. 
We finally got them caught, sorted the cows off and dewormed them.  Then dewormed the calves and turned them back out the the field behind the house.  J took the opportunity to count everything.  And his counts came out to what he thought they should, Yay!
Then we turned the cows out and drove them over to the adjoining field for fence line weaning.
Glad it is winter and the windows are closed because there is a lot of bawling going on out there.  At least the weather has been dry and  they shouldn't tear up the ground too much.  


C said...

So much going on. Glad it all worked out and the count was right. Baby S is just sooooo cute.

Shirley said...

Cute li'l cowgirl!
Cussing is all part of working cows isn't it? ;0)

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