Saturday, December 4, 2021

Wonderful Day

We have been blessed with Baby S since Thursday night!
Yesterday the weather was beautiful, so I took her for a little outing on the farm.  
First, we went to the barn to turn Trouble out.  She has been in the dog pen in the barn since breaking her leg a month ago.  I decided it was time to put her back with the herd.  
But first she had to pass Baby S inspection. 
Then there was some running and jumping to catch up on.  
And she immediately found her friend Tribble. 
Then Baby S had to pass the dog inspections. 
Maggie decided do pose for some fall pictures.  
I'm pretty sure she ended up with a little finger up her nose.  
Once I got back to the yard I put her down in the grass.  She really loves to inspect the leaves.  
And she has no fear of the dogs at all.  

She even wanted to share her leaf.

What a wonderful day. 

1 comment:

C said...

Loved the first picture. Loved all the pictures. A beautiful and wonderful day indeed.

Happy to see Trouble all better and kicking :)

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