Tuesday, March 2, 2021

No Man's Land

Or I could title this post, "Repairs and Maintenance #897."  J referred to this section of the farm today as No Man's Land.
There is no driving to it.  There is nothing but a steep, rocky hill down to a swamp then the creek.  
And the dead tree the water gap was attached to fell over.  J was going to be turning the cows into this field and didn't want them wandering through the down fence to the next field. 
Did I mention the steep, rocky hill and having to carry all of the fencing supplies down then back up.  (definitely on the list of Farmercising)
But after all the fussing and complaining, I think J managed to get some wire up that should turn the cows, at least until the next flood takes it out again.  


Shirley said...

Fencing.... the never ending chore.

C said...

J does it again.

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