Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Gathering And Sorting

Joe was wanting to switch fields with the feeder calves.  And while we were moving them, we ran them through the barn lot to do a little sorting.
I haven’t used Otoelene to work cattle for some time now.   But she has been doing good and staying sound so I thought I would give her a try.
We started the gathering after the calves had finished breakfast.  Joe called them on the 4-wheeler while I worked driving them from behind.  We got them into the barn lot without too much fanfare.

Joe wanted to sort out a few nice heifers and some smaller steers.  The others will be heading to the feedlot with some leftover yearlings to finish out the load in a couple of weeks.
Another job well done.

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C said...

Ranching from horseback :)

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