Monday, August 8, 2022

Goat Deworming and Bonus Photos

The last couple of weeks have been very wet.  Perfect worm weather.  To be proactive, we got the goats up this morning to deworm the kids.  In the past, this is around the time we start losing some to worms.
Everything went smoothly.  We had gotten the goats into the field next to the barn last night.  This morning it was just a matter of hearding them into the barn lot.  We didn’t deworm any nannies, but went ahead and did all of the kids.  And a miracle happened, our current kid count matched my paper kid count.  We still have 70.  Then for the bonus pictures.

Sadie, Allie, Mike and Virginia came for a visit Sunday.  Sadie loves to be outside so we went for a walk to the barn.  She was very excited to play with the big dogs.
And one of the goats even came up to Sadie.  

1 comment:

C said...

Love the bonus. Sadie is so fearless with the animals

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