Tuesday, March 28, 2023

A Game Of Inches

Before Christmas I bought this fly through bird feeder.  I had gotten one to take to a gift exchange and liked it so much I bought one for myself.  The cashier liked it so much she asked if she could come to the gift exchange.

 Since it is glass,  I was a little afraid to hang it up in the winter when it might could freeze.  I finally decided the weather was nice enough to go ahead and put it out.
I did a little rearranging of the other feeders and ended up hanging it on the grapevine/hay feeder ring.

I even had a visitor.  That night the wind blew at about 40 mph.  I was in bed dreading finding the feeder smashed to pieces.  Miraculously, everything was fine the next morning.  Then the wind blew all day (when Sadie was here flying a kite).  That evening Joe and I went to feed the dogs.  When we got back this is what we found…
I couldn’t believe that I was only going to have enjoyed the feeder for 24 hours.  Then on closer inspection,
Somehow it was in perfect condition hanging just above a rock.  Joe said, “life is just a game of inches.” So true.


C said...

I love that feeder. You had me holding my breath. How astonishing that it survived !!

Shirley said...

Oh my! What a unique feeder, glad it survived.
Maybe a couple of U shaped rebar rods pounded in the ground over the ring to keep it upright in the wind would help?

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