Monday, March 27, 2023

Spring Calving

Our Spring calving season started Saturday.  Technically, is wasn’t supposed to start until April 1st. 
But this first calf heifer got an earlier start.
Then today we had a set of twins along with 5 others.

Joe tagged the twins with T1 and T2 so he can keep up with them better.   He also moved them to a smaller lot for the next few days so the cow can keep up with them better.  
Then before we even got back out of the field one got out.  It was easier to just carry her back than to try to drive her.  Joe will have his work cut out for the next few weeks.  


C said...

Stepping up the farmercizing :)

Shirley said...

Yeah great way to stay in shape! Hope calving goes well for all.

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