Friday, March 3, 2023

Allie Tuesday and Friday

Poor little Allie had a fever Monday and had to be picked,up,from daycare.  She had a doctor appointment Tuesday and tested positive for Covid so she had to be out of daycare all week.
I kept her a little bit on Tuesday while Mike got some farm work done. She was feeling very puny.
Today was a different story.
She was just sick for a day. 
She played with Kit Kat.

He got to rub on her feet.
 He didn’t even mind her grabbing a fist full of his face.
And we made a trip to Dollar General.  There is a 3 day clearance event going on and the $5 off $25 is good for all three days.
I will wait until the end of the event before I post my haul.  Stay tuned.


Shirley said...

Babies are so resilient.
Kit Kat is a gem! Very good babysitter/plaything.

C said...

Dittos to what Shirley said. Kit Kat is so good natured.

And Allie playing with all those dollar general bags is so cute

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