Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Two Horse Day

I managed to get rides in on two horses yesterday.
Draper was acting a bit frisky after two weeks off so we just stayed in the barn working on calm and stopping.   Her stopping still needs a lot of work. 
Then it was Hugo's turn.   After trotting around in the barn for a bit, we took a spin outside. 
This was his first trip up through the pine trees on top of the hill. 
It is a steep climb but he never balked or really even slowed down.

Steep up means steep down.  On the way back down he just plowed through all the down limbs and branches.  I did stop once to pull a branch out of his tail that he had been dragging. 
Then it was back in the open and back to the barn.  (those are the pine trees upper left)


Shirley said...

Lucky you!
Hugo is turning into a pretty nice horse!

C said...

Well done Hugo :)

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