Saturday, March 25, 2023

Sadie and Allie Saturday

Virginia and Mike stopped by today with Allie and Sadie.
 I did manage a picture of Allie.  But if I wasn’t playing with Sadie I was holding Allie so there were not to many photo ops there. 
Sadie wanted to go look at the horses so I had her help me deworm them.
Ok, so her helping was holding the tubes for me while I put the halter on. 

It was a very windy day.  We tried to fly kites.
It never stayed up very long but I think Sadie liked trying. 
And she really liked baking cookies in the Easy Bake Oven again.
Just another afternoon at Mimi’s. 


C said...

What a great way to spend a Saturday :)
I'm sure horses were at the top of Sadie's list. And what a great little helper.
My guess is that Easy Bake Oven cookies will also stay on her list.

Shirley said...

Such a helpful girl!
Oh how I wish it was green here instead of white!

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