Friday, March 24, 2023

At It Again

Since finishing my rock stairs in the yard I have been thinking about incorporating them into a rock garden. 
Today I started the process of dragging the rocks down the hill. 
Most of the good large rocks are up there near the top. 

It can be sort of difficult dragging them down. 
There are usually lots of ants underneath them.  They can be a little annoying.  But I also found something more dangerous…
 I found this black widow under one.
It’s a slow process.  This is today’s haul.  I thought I would try to get a good collection before starting to figure out where and how to place them.  Anyone want to come help move rocks around?   I might have to add it to my farmercising list.


C said...

Moving rocks is definitely a ton of work.

Shirley said...

Rocks- that's what I need here, to place in my flower beds so all the 9 cats here don't use them for a litter box. Well, the flower beds I will be building of course, we don't have any that came with the place.
Maybe the tractor for moving the rocks? Ot teach the horses to pull the sled :o!

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