Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Two Hour Ride

Yesterday Joe wanted to head up the gravel road to our farm we call Julian’s.
For this ride I decided to use Otoelene.  We rode past our new bull from Georgia.
We met a couple of cars on the gravel road but no one was driving crazy which was nice.
While we were at Julian’s Joe went ahead and fed the bulls there.

Uh oh, two cows are on the wrong side of the fence.
After driving the rouge cows out we rode down the fence line looking for the issue.  There were a couple of spots that needed some attention. 
Hugo went along like a champ again.  
And nothing phased Otoelene, not even the running, barking, jumping, Rhodesian ridgebacks.
Then to top off our ride, Joe picked up the mail.  Hugo might be ready for a trail class.

1 comment:

C said...

Ranching on horseback - living the dream. The mailbox retrieval on horseback reminded me of many trail riding classes I watched when I was young. You will need to find some down logs in a L shape for Joe and Hugo to back up through.

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