Saturday, March 18, 2023


This morning Joe and I worked on switching the bread heifers from the back 40 with the replacement heifers behind the house.  The bred heifers are due to start calving the first of April and it seems some are always early.  We need them behind the house where we can keep a closer eye on them and where it is handier to get them to the barn if there is any trouble.
We started out putting up a temporary fence to guide them into the barn lot.
Then we headed out to the back 40 to round up the bred heifers.  

Joe has them pretty tame.  He played the Pied Piper and just towed them in with a bat of hay.
But there is always that one.  She wouldn’t go through the gate.
It took a little work and some extra hay until she finally decided to join the others.
Then we got the heifers up from behind the house.
Everyone here was pretty cooperative.
Then it was just a matter of cutting out the Herefords to put back in the back forty.  They aren’t due to calve until August.  Then we switched the groups.
The replacements and Herefords to the back 40.
And the first calf bred heifers, behind the house.   
Switcheroo complete.


Shirley said...

Well that was easy!
Have you ever moved cows with your horse(s)?

C said...

Nicely done. Joe is a marvel at getting the cows to follow him

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