Sunday, March 26, 2023

First Trail Ride Of The Season

The weather turned off nice today after 40 mph winds yesterday.   Today we had sunshine and temperatures in the 60s perfect for a trail ride.
Joe decided to saddle up Hugo at the house and haul him with the saddle on.  I am not a fan of that so Draper got saddled once we got there.  We also went in the cattle trailer since it was already hooked up.  No problems loading or unloading.
With the leaves off the trees we were able to enjoy some of the views.
Hugo was out front about half the time.  Draper out walked him the second half of the ride.
There had been a lot of down trees that someone had done a lot of work cutting up and getting out of the way.

After a little excitement as two horses went up the road while we were ready to get on, things settled down and both horses did great.  A nice ride to start off the season.


C said...

Someone definitely helped out with those downed trees (or that would have been a obstacle more significant than in a trail ride horse show class)

Shirley said...

Lucky you! Trail riding season is a ways away here.

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