Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Exciting News!!!

I had a large animal vet visit today. 
Can you guess what she found?
Here is another hint, she was working on Draper.

She is pregnant!  This will put her foaling sometime between April 7th to April 22nd more or less.  It will be a long wait.  

And while we are waiting, there are still plenty of other chores to do.  This morning we worked another group of cows and calves.
To clear up a question about the ear tags, heifers are tagged in the left ear and steers in the right.  We use to use Ralgro growth implants in the steers. It was easier for Joe to inject it into the left ear so we tagged them in the right ear so it be out of the way.
The little H at the top of the tag means the calf is out of a first calf heifer.
And the 4- is for the year 2024.  If you zoom in you can see a little extra in the ears, ticks. 


Shirley said...

Oh that's exciting! Can you do a post on the sire that Draper is bred to?
And thanks for answering the ear tag question.

C said...

Exciting news about Draper.

Good question from Shirley about the sire info.

yikes on the ticks - I really hate stinging and biting insects and arachnids.

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