Saturday, May 18, 2024

Late To The Party

Allie’s birthday was today.  She is two!  Virginia and Mike were having a big birthday party for her.  I asked what I could do to help and Virginia gave me the task of making an eclair cake and hash brown casserole.  Easy enough.  After feeding the goats I had to head to DG to get some ingredients and maybe do a little couponing to make the ingredients cheaper. When I got back I had just finished the eclair cake when Joe came in and said we had a backwards calf.
I asked if just the tail was out or were there feet.  He said there were feet.  So I had hope that it may not be too terrible. 
And thankfully, it wasn’t. Since the feet were already out getting the chains on was easy.  And we were able to pull it by hand which is always a plus. 
Backwards calves are at a high risk of being born dead.  But since Joe jumped on this one so fast, it was live.  But it did put us behind for getting to the party.  And I still had the casserole to make.  
We were the last ones there but since we had the most to do we were excused.  There was plenty of good food.
Sadie commandeered a unicorn headband Allie had received. 
And Allie liked the cow Gigi got her.
There was a big crowd but in Virginia’s new house, we were not crowded. 
Lot and lots of presents 
The aluminum baseball bat was quickly moved to a safe place.
And Allie learned to not hammer on the window.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our newest 2 year old!!!!


C said...

Happy 2nd Birthday little Allie.

You and Joe certainly went through a lot prior to the party. Well done to Joe and his keen observation.

Shirley said...

Getting the calf out live was worth being late! Looks like a great party and a fun time for everyone.

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