Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Hugo’s Turn

I noticed a couple of days ago that Otoelene looks a little off (lame).  I wanted to ride yesterday so I lunged her first and yes, she was favoring her left front. She hasn’t been lame since her navicular diagnosis almost three years ago. (Go HERE for a reminder about that) I 
am hoping it is just her special shoes needing to be reset but I did give her some bute  (pain medicine). I will probably continue that until the farrier can come out. 
Since I could not ride her it was Hugo’s turn. 

 He just hangs out at the barn anyway. Since he is hard to catch and prone to fatness it’s a good place  for him to be.  I timed it yesterday and he only trotted around for 6 minutes before he stopped and let me catch him. 

We had a nice ride outside around the field below the barn. If Otoelene doesn’t straighten up soon Hugo may be taking a lot more trips. 
I just noticed this is post 3191, a prime number for you math nerds out there. 

1 comment:

C said...

3191 - that's a lot of posts (how interesting that you are calling out a prime number - not something that would strike my thoughts).

I hope Otoelene will improve soon. In the meantime I hope Hugo becomes easier to catch :)

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