Friday, May 20, 2022

Big Playday

We kept Sadie for one more day.  Since I had to work the last two, she has been at daycare and we haven't been able to spend much time with her.  So I kept her here today instead of sending her back to daycare.  She had a great day.
She petted a goat and played at the barn. 
Got carried by Pop Pop. 
Found Kit Kat at the new barn and got him back to the house so he could eat. 
Got Emily's old tricycle out and started learning how to ride.  Sitting is all she is doing so far.  Her leg weren't long enough to peddle.  
Then the farrier came to shoe Draper and Otoelene.  She was an angel while I had to hold the horses.  
I think she even wanted to help.  
And she played with Zipper.  Then back home to start bonding with her new sister. 


C said...

Sadie is definitely a little farm girl. The video with Zipper just shows how unafraid she is of all the animals. Zipper was very good not to hurt her in any way.

Shirley said...

She's going to make a good farm hand!

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