Friday, May 13, 2022

Cowboy Movie Star

We got the yearlings up today to sort out the heifers we are going to keep to bred and worked them this morning.
The first part of that sentence sounds pretty easy, we got the yearlings up.  But it wasn't, easy that is.  The 4-wheeler is in the shop for 2 weeks now and maybe for 3 more so we are on foot.  I should have been on Otoelene, but I really didn't think there was going to be any issue.  You would think it would be pretty easy to find all 55 head in a 20 acre field, but nooo.  Two laps around, up and down on foot then back to the house for the truck, then drive down to the main road and finally finding the last 12.  Not easy or quick. 
And they are so tame it is hard to drive them anywhere.  They would rather follow. 
But since they are so tame, they went right to the barn, so at least that part was easy.
J had to make sure of the count.  He said this is how a 50's cowboy movie star would do it.  We sorted out 23 replacements and worked them before it started to rain.  The remaining heifers and steers will have to wait for another day.  Since we were using a pour on dewormer, they need to be and stay dry.  We kept the heifers in the barn afterwards for a couple of hours so they didn't get wet.  


C said...

J - both a cowboy movie star :) and the pied piper of cows

Shirley said...

Yup count 'em through the gate.

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