Saturday, December 31, 2022


I did it!  I managed to make my 2022 goal of posting every day for an entire year.  Unbelievable.  My next closest year was 2014 with 267 posts.  2021 was pretty sorry with only 129.  I will try to not back slide that far, but don’t expect every day.
 And what better way to spend the last day of 2022 than a two hour ride around the farm on Otoelene.  Draper is short a shoe so we are waiting until Monday when the farrier can come out to be able to ride her again.  There was a 60 degree temperature change from last week, 80 degrees if you count the wind chill. 
The weaned calves were very curious.

And there was yet another down tree.  Of course it went across the fence.
The goats were out and about.  They all looked good.  Then when we went up the gravel road, the four Rhodesian ridgebacks came barreling down the hill barking their heads off.  I stood and waited for them to all get down the hill before riding past.  Otoelene didn’t seem to mind them at all.  I’m just glad they can’t seem to get through the fence.
After lunch I went back with Joe while he cut the tree off the fence.
And then spent awhile trying to patch it back.  
We have been working on some goals for next year.  Several of mine involve traveling and vacations.  Joe said if you write it down you are more likely to do it.  So I am writing down - travel to Ecuador to visit Emily this summer while she is there for 10 months.  There, now it should happen. Happy New Year!


C said...

365 consecutive posting days!! An extraordinary feat! You deserve a trophy or a metal. That is quite an accomplishment - especially since you lost your main computer (that you used for posting) for so many months in 2022 and yet you soldiered along with your iPad in its place.

Vacations and travel. So let it be written. So let it be done. Have a good time in Ecuador :)

Shirley said...

Well done! I have enjoyed your posts!
Great way to end the year.

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