Friday, December 2, 2022

Second Group Weaned

Today we headed up the road to Julian’s, to sort and wean the calves there.
Joe, once again, did all the prep work and already had them all up before he asked for my help.
We started by sorting the cows out from the calves.
Next came deworming the cows and turning them back out.

Then it was a matter of loading the calves and hauling them to the house.  There were three loads.  You may notice instead of a sorting stick, Joe is using a broom.  We had forgotten to put the sticks on the truck and this was the only thing at this farm handy to use.
It worked well enough.  Joe got them loaded.  Now they are here, circling and bawling.


Shirley said...

Moo-sic! The tune every ranch plays in the fall!

C said...

Haha - to Shirley's comment :)

Joe is very resourceful.

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