Tuesday, December 6, 2022

New Liners

With all of the calves getting weaned, Joe has been feeding more grain.  That means more feed troughs.
 Some one the troughs were in pretty rough shape.  The frames were ok, but the liners were shot.
Instead of buying the whole trough, Joe bought a couple of new liners.  To attach them to the frames, we bought some bolts and nuts.  I was in charge of drilling the holes.

And Joe put in the bolts.  They would sure last longer if the calves didn’t feel the need to stand in them.


C said...

Reuse what you can and only buy new when you have to - a sound, environmentally friendly practice.

Haha to the calves feeling the need :)

Shirley said...

They don't make those troughs Calf Tough! Liners are a great idea.

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