Sunday, December 4, 2022

Local Christmas Parade

Joe and I went to watch the local Christmas parade last night.  Virginia was going to be in it with Sadie and Allie and Mike to represent the bank where she works.  So we were excited about seeing Sadie and Allie in their first parade.  But first,
 Nothing says Christmas like a Star Wars stormtrooper with a Santa hat.
Or a garbage truck.

Or a line of muscle cars.
Or some dump trucks.
There were some cute entries.  I don’t know how this one made it in because they had band any animals.  Our clinic had been doing a float in the past and employees walked their dogs, but we were told we couldn’t do it this year.
Inflatables were popular.
And yes, there were several churches with real Christmas floats.

And that is all we saw of Virginia.  She was on the other side of the road from where we were standing and the tractor carrying the bank banner managed to drive past her right when they got to us completely blocking  them.  But I knew it we her because she was wearing the tree skirt I made into a skirt last year.
And the traditional end, Santa on the fire truck.  It was about an hour long, and I got a couple of candy canes.

1 comment:

C said...

An impressive parade. How frustrating to be on the wrong side of the road. A Christmas tree skirt - great idea.

Christmas-y storm trooper in a santa hat (haha :)

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