Thursday, December 8, 2022

In Bloom At The 4Rs

For the last few years I have been buying the cheap poinsettias at Lowe’s on Black Friday.  Then as they fade after Christmas, I throw them out.  Wasteful, I know.  Then last year’s plants never really faded.  I ended up setting them on the back deck when the weather was warm enough.  Then when it started freezing toward the end of October, I brought them back inside.  
And now they have started to bloom again.  Just in time for Christmas decorating.
The blooms are not as large and full as from a nursery, but I think they will be good enough for me.  I can alway stick a few silk ones in to fill things out.  I wonder it they will last another year. 


C said...

You prove again that you definitely have a green thump :)

Shirley said...

I never had any luck getting them to last beyond the Christmas season. Well done!

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