Monday, December 12, 2022

Good Draper Streak Continues

I rode Draper for awhile in the barn today.  I had taken down the panels at the end where the horses had access to the barn from the lot.  The lot is completely grazed down and there is no need for them to need shelter there for the winter.   So that made my riding area larger. Once again, she did very well.  She is not the happiest acting horse about work, but she is doing it.  Plus, I haven't lunged her any since I got her back.  Before, I would lunge her sometimes for 30 minutes or more and then still not get on because of how she was acting.  So it has been nice to not have to do that anymore. 
After that, I rode her down the driveway.  

Joe was feeding so we watched the cattle for a minute. 
I was very happy about how quite and relaxed she was.  I can probably start riding her around the farm by myself again if she keeps this up.  



Shirley said...

I'm happy for you!
Neat photo of the cows silhouetted.

C said...

I agree with Shirley :)

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