Monday, December 19, 2022

Nice Day For A Winter Ride

I hope you are not tired of Draper updates, because here is another one.  It has been a week since I rode Draper last.  Before the weather turns bad (single digits, wind and maybe a little snow) I thought I would try to get another ride in.
Once again, no lunging, just on and walk, trot and canter in the barn.  She was doing so well I decided to do a 3 mile loop around the gravel road.
She startled at a couple of things but it was pretty minor.  At least there was no traffic or barking dogs. 

And the sun was even shining enough to make shadows.  Maybe some of the mud will dry before the ground freezes.
Hugo was waiting on our return.  I am very happy about how Draper has been doing.  I don’t think I will be putting in too much effort on trying to sell her anytime soon.


C said...

Happy news about how well Draper is doing :)

Shirley said...

Yay I'm glad Draper is working out for you.

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