Saturday, December 3, 2022

Let The Decorating Begin

Last year the place we had been getting a Christmas tree from was closed for lack of trees.  We ended up getting a cedar tree.  This year, the tree farm was opened for two days, Friday and Saturday after thanksgiving.  I was there at opening on Friday. I didn’t want another cedar.  I picked out the biggest tree they had.  They were nice enough to let me come get it this weekend.

 It is up and ready to be decorated.  I set it up on cinderblocks to try to make it look taller.  Joe said it would look big to Sadie and Allie.  He has a way of putting things in perspective.  It was much easier to get put up and I can use the step ladder.  I don’t need the 8 foot ladder.  I might have to be a little more selective about how many ornaments I use.   It is only 7 feet 8 inches not including the blocks.  They add another 8 inches, so at least it made it over 8 feet, just not the 9 1/2 I’m use to.  Plus, it is not a cedar.


Shirley said...

It's a pretty tree!
We have 8 ft ceilings here, not the 10 ft we had at out last place. So- a smaller tree it is! We are delaying getting one while we battle a head cold, I just got over it and now Ted has it. Bah.

C said...

Tree looks great. It will be exciting to see how Sadie and Allie react.

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