Thursday, January 13, 2022

Bad For Sale Pictures

A co-worker knows that I enjoy people trying to take pictures of mirrors for sale.  She sent me this winner.  I am almost speechless, but there is just too much that needs to be said. 

 Jordan, who sent the picture, commented that her favorite part was his ability to balance on his toes, squatting while taking a picture.  I thought he was trying to disguise himself as a Buddha in order to camouflage himself among the other religious artifacts.  But, even though it is a Curio Cabinet, there are some jewels that just don't need to be on display. 


C said...

Too much and too funny :)

(he did manage to hide his head)(this is not the picture you want to get "out there" on the internet)

Shirley said...

Rolling on the floor laughing here!

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