Friday, January 21, 2022

Pimple Popped

J has been monitoring a swelling on his new bull's leg. 
J noticed it just starting to swell a couple of weeks ago.  It has been getting bigger and bigger over the last few days. 
So J called the in house vet to come take a look.  Quite a bit bigger than the cat abscesses that I normally deal with. 
I tapped it with a needle first to make sure it was an abscess and it was so then I lanced it. 
I would estimate 1/2 a gallon of very smelly pus came out.  I flushed it with lots of dilute betadine then squirted in some surgical scrub.  Hopefully, it will heal up from here. 


Shirley said...

Poor guy I bet he was quite releived to have thatpressure off! Hope it heals up well.

C said...

House vet to the rescue. I bet the TV Dr. Pimple Popper would have been interested

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