Tuesday, January 18, 2022

New Project

With it being cold and snowy outside, what better time to start a new project inside.
We got some wonderful news from V and M a month ago.  Looks like I need to go through my pink fabrics again.  I have until sometime in May to finish this one. 

I'm not sure I ever posted my completed quilt for baby S that I started HERE.  I like the random feel of the blocks.  The quilting is just simple hand quilting outlining the triangles. 

The big floral print ended up being the back of the quilt.

But I have noticed I don't really have that big of a fabric stash.  
And there could end up being several repeats.  I'm ok with that as long as bunnies are involved. 
I have resorted to cutting up some old clothes.  
I have done a few practice blocks.  I think this will be a cull.  I was hopeful on the duck-horse fabric, but it just doesn't work.  I am planning of a trip to goodwill to see if I can find something there that I can cut up. Otherwise, I might actually have to buy some fabric at the store, gasp! 


C said...

Those bunny slippers are adorable. Are you calling the rocking horse a "duck-horse" - The body is a horse but that head - not sure what that is.

Shirley said...

Yay another grandchild! I wouldn't have the patience to do a quilt.
I do love visiting fabric stores! I used to make all my own shirts and dresses, but now I only buy at thrift stores or the Bargain store (pension money doesn't allow for much more) except for jeans, which I have to buy at a western clothing store- all other stores think that all women have legs that don't go past a 32 inseam.

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