Saturday, October 15, 2022

Bridge Day

Joe and I went to visit Emily today to experience Bridge Day.  HERE is a link for more information if you are interested.

 The short explanation is it is the day they open the bridge over the New River Gorge to base jumpers and spectators.
It is a very festive atmosphere.

The weather was beautiful.
Lots of people, but very orderly and polite.
Sometimes the jumpers went in pairs.
And sometimes alone.
Some did flips and some looked like rag dolls until they opened their chutes.  They were aiming for that little beach area.  Occasionally, one would end up in the water, but rescue boats were at the ready.

Keiran joined us too.

After a walk through downtown to get a couple of pizzas from Pies and Pints, we headed back to Emily apartment to eat.

We finished the afternoon with a competitive game of Catan, Keiran won. 


C said...

Looks like a fun and interesting day. I thought the parking pictures were interesting because the bridge being on a 4 lane limited access highway would present some parking issues.

I'm guessing that was a bridge plate joint you included - very interesting.

The idea of jumping off the bridge and then trying to land on a narrow sand beach area - yikes!! Especially with all the trees in the way.

Interesting fact from your link "Time to Design
The man hours for design calculations and drawings would be equivalent to one man working 40 hours per week for 15 years." I'm guessing that time would be much less today :) But there would be much more red tape involved in getting approvals.

Shirley said...

That's quite an event! It must be a deep gorge/high bridge for them to have time to open a parachute. Me being queasy with heights I would have watched from the ground!
Pies and Pints sounds good!

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