Wednesday, October 19, 2022


I got an emergency call Sunday from Mike and Virginia.  They had a sick calf.  It was from a cow/calf pair they had bought.  He was pretty weak, breathing hard and seemed painful.  I thought the best option was to bring him to the house where I could keep a closer eye on him. Plus, rain was in the overnight forecast, and that never helps an illness.

 We made a make shift stall in the new barn shed.  I started him on some IV fluids, and pain meds.  Joe had already given an antibiotic injection.
We decided it was pneumonia.  He nursed a little bit of a bottle the next morning and was a little stronger. Mike took him back to his mother.  Mike said he is getting a little stronger every day.  Hopefully, he will be back to normal soon.


C said...

Is the IV hanging off the hay bale in the hospital?

Shirley said...

What a blessing for them to have a good vet close by!

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