Saturday, October 1, 2022

Hurricane Ian

I did a little work on my barn in preparation for Hurricane Ian.   I have been having problems with water pooling in the doorway.
So I put down some fence posts and pulled the gravel and sand back to them to make a barrier and a ‘bit of a trough.
And it looks like it worked.  The inside is dry.  Joe said  it was more likely that since the ground was so dry, there just wasn’t much runoff.  I think it was due more to my engineering.  With 1.8 inches, I still think there was some runoff.  But the storm headed off more east of us, so thankfully, we didn’t have much wind.

Sadie’s new boot came in handy.
And we took the opportunity to get Hugo use to a little person.  He did well.


Shirley said...

Drainage ditching- something I had to do in my working career and on every farm I have lived on! Looks like you did a good job. Glad the hurricane didn't give you too much grief.
Love Inspector Sadie!

C said...

My vote is for your engineering. Love seeing Sadie in those cute boots :)

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