Friday, October 7, 2022

Farm Tour For Hugo

  So far, other than the two trail rides, we have only been riding Hugo in the barn and down the driveway once.  Today it was time to take him on a farm tour.
Otoelene and I headed out with Joe and Hugo, down the driveway.  The fall leaves are looking pretty.
Then up Chaney Branch.  We didn’t meet any traffic which was nice.  
We rode through the back 40.
And around
and through the hayfield.
Hugo wasn’t worried about the goats at all.
But he was very suspicious of the tire water trough.
The rocks that spook most of the other horses didn’t faze Hugh. 
Joe finally got his picture of some big hips.
It was a very nice and calm ride around the farm.


Shirley said...

He's shaping into a pretty nice little horse! Future kids horse for sure.... wonder how long it will be before Sadie claims him.

C said...

Agree with Shirley - same question :) The views around your farm are beautiful

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