Friday, October 28, 2022

Fall Cattle Work

Mike helped us today with the fall cows.  I don’t think the sign was right though.  We got off to a bad start as a cow that Joe had in the barnlot with a sick calf, decided to escape by crawling under a gate.  Joe said he didn’t think a goat would have even tried it.  The cow managed to ruin a $300 gate in the process.
 But at least the weather was nice.  A little chilly in the morning.
The lot is pretty full with all the cows and calves.

Then as it warmed up, we started shedding layers.
It was nice to see the lot emptying out.
The calves got tagged, vaccinated and the bull calves were castrated. The cows got dewormed and vaccinated.
We have been sticking with the new tagger.  I thought one of the benefits would be that there were so many tag colors to choose from.  I anticipated a different color each year.  We were using orange this year and needed a few more.  But Joe came home with white tags.  He said he didn’t like the colors.  Oh well, but I was looking forward to a pink year.

And the one we were looking for all day, the last one.


C said...

Wow - a cow going under a gate that Joe thought a goat wouldn't try. Ruining a $300 gate stinks.

Shirley said...

Can't let a little ole gate stand in her way.... hope you ship that cow.
I like the idea of colored tags too. Easy to figure at a distance if you need the age or year.

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