Sunday, October 23, 2022

Sadie Sunday

It was an action packed day with Sadie after bringing her home after church.  I will skip over the cattle checking, and 4 wheel riding and start in directly with the horses.
Joe was still doing cattle stuff, so I had Sadie in the barn again by myself.  After leading her around for a bit, she kept asking to trot.  Of course I had to get on with her to comply with such a request.  No pictures of that, but we did lots of trotting.  Then, since Otoelene had sweated so much on our trail ride yesterday, and today’s temperature was in the low 70’s, I decided Sadie could help me give her a bath.
You might think that would be too much for a 22 month old, but Sadie loved helping. 
She also loved playing in the bucket of water. 
And you may be wondering why she is wearing pajamas.  After church when I went to change her clothes, all that Virginia had but I the diaper bag was pjs.  So between a dress and tights or pjs I went with the pjs. I messaged Virginia and she said she thought it was just a matching outfit from a box of clothes someone at work had given her. After she saw the picture, she agreed they were pajamas.
Pretty much the only thing dry after Otoelene’s bath, were Sadie’s feet.  The boots are working out perfectly.

After putting Otoelene up, Sadie remembered about giving treats to Hank and wanted to do that again.
Hank was so gentle taking the treats from Sadie.
And she wasn’t the least bit intimidated by him.
Hank has been a pretty special horse.

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C said...

Haha - I had scrolled through the pictures before reading the text. I thought I would comment on the PJs Sadie is wearing - but then you gave the explanation :)

Sadie does seem quite fearless.

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