Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Draper’s Month At Boot Camp

I have been having trouble with Draper ever since she threw me last year.  I decided to send her to a trainer to see if that would help. His first update wasn’t encouraging.  I said I hoped he would just tell me I’m crazy and he didn’t know why I even sent her. But no, he said she bolted with him and him was afraid he wasn’t going to get her stopped. 
It has now been a month and I went to go to see how she was doing.  No additional bolting episodes, so that was something.
 She had lost her big grass belly, and looked fit.
But she was not relaxed like I had hoped.  Michael rode her around in the round pen to start.  Then I got on and walked, trotted and cantered.   He had done well getting her to move forward, give her face and lift her shoulder.  But it just seemed like she was tolerating things, not really accepting.

I rode her around some more by myself while Michael went to saddle up another horse.  There were a few moments of relaxing at the trot.  Then we headed out from a ride around in the hayfield.  She was doing ok until Michael started loping around on his horse.  I could just fell her energy increasing.  I was ready to get off but Michael wouldn’t let me.  I finally got her energy back down and we headed back toward the barn.  She did good with that and we continued past the barn and down the road.  She was much more relaxed doing this.  At this point I just don’t think she is a horse for me.  But how do I sell one that I can’t ride to show to a buyer?  I am hoping that if I bring her home, we can go on some trail rides with Hugo.  Maybe that will help get her mind more relaxed.


Shirley said...

That's a tough one. I always sell the horses I don't feel comfortable on; my safety always comes first.
I think if you leave her at the trainers for another month and sell her through him it may be your best option. That way buyers can see her being ridden and try her out under his supervision. If you bring her home to sell you will always have that little distrust of her in your mind.

C said...

I'm sorry to hear that Draper is not working out. Tough one.

Good ideas from Shirley.

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