Sunday, November 13, 2022

Arkansas Black

When we bought the billy goats, the seller asked if we wanted any apples.  He had an apple tree and the ground around it was covered in apples.  Sure, if we didn’t like them we could always give them to the goats.

 It was a variety that I had never heard of before, Arkansas Black.
We picked up two plastic bags full.

And tonight made some apple sauce. Delicious once I added sugar. As for eating the raw apples, I thought they were a little mealy but Joe said he like apples like that.  This is a link to some more information about this heritage apple HERE


C said...

I think I bought Arkansas Black once at the farmer's market. As I recall I thought they were mealy as well.

Shirley said...

Not a variety we get around here. My favourite right off the tree is red Delicious but only when they are really fresh. Other than that its Honeycrisp or Pink Lady.

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