Saturday, November 26, 2022

We Were Needing That

With all the Thanksgiving festivities over, Joe and I went on a nice ride around the farm. The weather was beautiful and we just didn’t want to miss out on getting to enjoy it.
This was my first ride on Draper around the farm in over a year.  She is still on good behavior since boot camp, plus we had the calming effect of Hugo. 

Joe, always the gentleman, got all of the gates.  Eight in all. 

There were plenty of obstacles to contend with.   As soon as Joe got back on after the second gate, a squirrel came crashing to the ground landing with a THUD six feet from us.  It righted itself and scurried back into the woods.  Neither horse seemed the least bit bothered.  Hugo didn’t care for the pile of wood, but Draper took the lead there.  
Along the gravel road, the first neighbor’s small dog was out in the yard barking but stayed up at their house. But at the next neighbor, 4 of their Rhodesian Ridgebacks were right at the road, running back and forth barking their heads off at us.  I am surprised that I was able to get a picture with all of the commotion.  Hugo didn’t even like it.  But unexpectedly, Draper was the one that took the lead through it.  Plus, she calmed down right away as soon as we passed and the dogs stopped barking.
We went up and down lots of very steep hills without any drama.  The only problem came trying to get through the field with Jessica and Pep.  They have had fence line contact with Hugo, but we haven’t turned them out together.  Jessica saw us and came running with Pep not too far behind.  Joe was going to get the gate but was too busy fending off Jessica.  I ended up getting off and getting the gate, then helping run Jessica back so Joe could get though with Hugo.  Once again, Draper settled right down and was fine heading back to the barn.
Then there were 3 precious girls waiting for us when we got back.  A very successful ride.  I’m sure the outcome would not have been as positive for me without Hugo being there.  He has been an excellent support horse. 


Shirley said...

I'm impressed with Draper! Good girl Draper!
And Hugo deserves some accolades too. It's so good to have a steady horse(and good trail riding partner) to take the lead if you are unsure of your horse.

C said...

Happy to hear about Draper doing well. Hugo continues to impress.

I liked this:
Joe, always the gentleman, got all of the gates. Eight in all.

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