Monday, November 14, 2022

Trying Something Different

For the last twenty years, we have sold our goats through the market where the market owner finds us a buyer, they give us a price and we either accept or not.  We always accepted.  This year, the market has started a sheep and goat sale the third Saturday of the month and asked if we would sell ours through that instead.  It is more of a risk not knowing what we will get, but also it is open to more competitive bidding.  
I guess we will find out Saturday if we made the right choice.  In the meantime, we need to think about how many nannies we want to keep, which ones to cull, and how many replacements to select.
I like to have a lot of different colors to make it easier to recognize them.  That is sometimes hard with a bunch of brown ones.

On the other hand, when one has a distinctive marking like a white bracelet, well, that is easy to see.
I will let you know next week the results.


Shirley said...

Hope you get a good price for them! They certainly look fat n sassy!

C said...

I hope the sale goes well too :)

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