Tuesday, November 1, 2022

A 3 1/2 Hour Trail Ride

I made a rookie mistake.  I charged my camera battery but forgot to put the memory card back in.  I didn’t realize this until we were getting ready to start the ride.  You will just have to take my word for it. 
I did have my iPad and took a few pictures once we made it back.  We rode out of the same horse camp that we went to a week and a half ago, but rode on different trails. And I was on a different horse, Draper.
She is a walking machine.  She stayed in front 90% of the ride.  There was one rock she didn’t like so Hugo went in front.  Then I almost took a wrong turn and Joe passed me again. But every time, it was hard for me to keep Draper slow enough to stay in back comfortably so we would pass again.  When we were almost back, Draper balked and Hugo went past. This time I think he knew where we were, and he barreled on down the trail ready to be done.
I am not sure how far we went, but at the pace we kept, it had to be close to 12 miles.  The biggest problem came at the end.  For some reason Draper didn’t want to get on the trailer.  I have never had a problem with her loading before.  I makes me wonder what she is thinking.  She will get the next two days off.  Then we have to decide where we will go next.


C said...

Well, that sounds like a mostly successful outing. How does Draper get along with Oteolene's boyfriend?

Shirley said...

Those long rides might be just the thing for Draper. She's still pretty young and for some horses it takes a while for them to mentally mature.
Hugo sounds like a great little horse! I bet your husband is glad he has him.

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