Sunday, November 20, 2022

Sadie Sunday

I was coughing too much to go to church today.  Virginia said Sadie asked for me when they got there.  But they did come here after church for lunch.  Apparently, Virginia got Sadie ready in a very cute thanksgiving outfit but forgot to even get Allie out of her pajamas.   Then to add insult to injury, I once again got no pictures of her.  Even though she is sitting up on her own and pushing herself around in the walker!
 Anyway, Sadie was ready to go feed Hank as usual.
Then we let Otoelene and Draper out to graze some.  I decided to turn over our buckets, sit down and just watch the horses with Sadie for a few minutes. 

The horses are getting use to a little person around.  Plus, Sadie seemed to enjoy to time too. 


Shirley said...

Hope you feel better soon! Although I'm sure it made you feel better just to have your granddaughters there for a visit.

C said...

Stopping and just enjoying the time. Lovely

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