Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Start Of Christmas Crafting

It is never too early to start crafting.  But it can definitely be too late. 
I saw these on Pinterest recently and thought it the perfect project for some interesting cans I had saved.
 They were advertised for $151 each.
Here is my interpretation.

I started with a plastic template I cut out of a lid.
I then cut open the cans to get flat sheets of aluminum.  Most of the cans were from Emily’s wine advent calendar that she shared with me last year.  You can check that out HERE
Then it was just a matter of cutting out enough leaves.

I was very disappointed to find out that the cans with the most interesting pictures, were just plastic sleeves over a plain aluminum can.  So those were unusable.
Next came pinning the leaves onto a foam cone and making a star.
I think I “nailed it.”  Now I have another meaningful addition to my Christmas tree collection.


C said...

Great addition to your collection. Plus you made it :)

Shirley said...

Great and fun way to recycle those cans! Good job.

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